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I spent most of my childhood in a rural village in Lithuania, where my family farmed and grew their own food. My passion for food and nutrition stems from my own experiences and my own health journey. 

After a successful 10 year career in education I have retrained in nutrition with the School of Health and College of Naturopathic Medicine to follow my interest in nutrition science.  Having suffered with stomach ulcers and Insomnia myself at a very young age I know how important it is to understand and identify root causes of any symptom or a condition in trying to feel better.  I have always been driven to support and help people: whilst working in education I travelled to Ghana to work at a local orphanage as well as teach at a primary school. Additionally, since 2021 I have been running a Healthy Eating Project for people with learning disabilities at a London based charity Outward. To further my skills and knowledge I have trained under professor of sleep science Jason Ellis in CBT-I and Adult Sleep Support. I am also a certified health coach and an assistant supervisor at a student clinic in London campus, CNM.

I strongly believe everyone can feel better.

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