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Image by Joanna Kosinska


'Laura took time to listen to my health condition and my goals and designed a clear eating plan which was simple to follow and suitable for my lifestyle needs.  being a working parent I needed a food that was quick to prepare. Laura is knowledgeable and explained the nutritional benefits of foods and what to reduce or avoid.  I felt relaxed sharing with Laura, she is friendly and non judgmental. I am now conscious about what I am eating and feel more energised for it.'

J. M. London

'I can highly recommend Laura and her services. I had a session with Laura to help my son change his diet and eating habits. To reduce his migraines and improve his mental health. Laura explained everything in detail, checked my son's health and made recommendations. She is really caring and non judgemental, great to talk to and installs such a positivity at all times. When my son started to implement suggestions, recipes and vitamins, he started to feel better with more energy. Thank you.'


M. Z. mother of teenager, London.

'A very interesting morning with Laura. She covered all aspects of nutrition and was very thorough. I learnt an enormous amount of very useful information for future use.

We requested that she returned at a future date for further discussion. 

Thank you so much Laura.'

S.F. attendee at ' Nutrition and Yoga Day' Epping.


"Thank you Laura, I thoroughly enjoyed the session, really interesting information, the more I know, the more I want to know. It has made me think of my diet and introduce new things. I hope to see you again at future sessions".


C. attendee at 'Nutrition and Yoga Day' Epping.


I think you are amazing, not only in terms of your knowledge and information you shared, but also the way of how you deliver your wisdom. I worked with couple of nutritionist before for business and personal reasons and I can say it was privilege to have your guidance today. You certainly gained trust in the subject of nutrition very quickly, and made everyone in the room feeling very much comfortable to share their stories and concerns, to contribute with their own experiences without any concern of judgment, and to question their own way of eating in a very wise way. You are so natural, and I think your history as a young person grew in a farm environment and your story with food make you extra special between many nutritionists in this field. I didn’t  feel being lectured even a second. I literally felt so much empowered to try new things, and to change my old / bad habits of eating. You certainly make people to realise what goes not quite right in their way of healthy living and you make it without making them feel guilty. You encourage listeners to question their way of food consumption, and inspire them to find different healthy ways of nurturing their belly and body. The way of your humour and sharing the stories from your own experiences makes your session even more enjoyable, interesting and real! As service and solution providers, I think this is so important to connect with the people not only from the place where they are but also from a place of where we are and who we are. You managed this beautifully well. Once again many thanks for your wisdom and collaboration today.

Yoga Crow 

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