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Laura's Blog: Stress less to stay well

April is a National Stress Awareness Month.

How often do you say: ' It must be stress', ' I am so stressed, I have no time', I am so busy'... We are always in rush to be somewhere and to do something...

Have you ever considered what would happen if you slow down? Don't answer every text message right away? Sit down and drink your tea looking out the window?

Here are five things to do to help you stress less...

1) Eat well

It is important to eat nourishing regular meals and keep your fluids up. When we are stressed we utilise our B vitamins, lose magnesium and potassium as well as reduce vitamin C status.

2) Exercise regularly

Exercise can help release endorphins, which are feel good chemicals that help boost your mood and reduce stress.

3) Get enough sleep

Getting good sleep helps your body repair, heal, consolidate daily events and restore.

4) Learn to say no

Sometimes saying no to commitments and demands that are not essential can help reduce stress because you have more time to yourself.

5) Practice self-care

Looking after yourself is essential in reducing stress. This can be anything that makes you happy, from having a long bath, gardening or taking a walk.

My favourite thing to do is a forest walk. The beautiful Epping Forest on my doorstep allows me to get away from it all at least once a week. I always leave my phone at home or turn it off whilst I'm out to give me that freedom of taking in my views and listening to nature.


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